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    Four Generations of Professional Calligraphy

    Project in progress

    My name is Shipra Rohatgi  and I’m the artist and calligrapher behind Likhawat Designs. I am a 4th generation calligrapher from India, right from my ancestors, now me- we have been dedicated to the subject and it’s revival. My great-grand father was an accountant at The Last Mughal Emperor’s court whilst my grand father supplied art in various mediums to the East India Company and local traders and  my father claimed commercial success with clients like Smt Sonia Gandhi , Shri Habib Rehman, Amitabh Bachchan & more in the 1980s….

    Learn Calligraphy

    We are happy to now offer our expertise on the subject to anyone around the world with our personalized coaching sessions! Rs. 2,500/ for a one-on-one, hour & a half long, session. We offer 1-hour sessions at $75 or a 2-hour session for $120 & your call will be scheduled for a mutually agreeable timeframe.

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    Beautiful Calligraphy in Clothes

    Likhawat offers the opportunity to brighten up your possessions with art and customisation. If you’re a literature fanatic, imagine wearing your favourite verses adorned on your sleeve! There are no boundaries on language or content. We’ve expanded our range to be able to calligraph in 9 languages including Hindi, Urdu, Persian, Bangla, Gurmukhi, English, French, Marathi and Gujrati. As displayed in the pictures, each article is accompanied with artworks in a range of colours that add a personal touch and an edge of glory to each of them.

    Art Prints

    Water Color, Stainless Glass and Ready Prints

    Our art prints encompass a rush of vibrant colours with a beautiful amalgamation of words, and will instantly add a splash of new energy wherever they’re exhibited. The intent behind each artwork is to spread inspiration and optimism. These prints display more than just calligraphy and embody the art in a contemporary fashion.

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    Exclusively for Corproate

    Logo, Live Events, Invitation Cards, illustration on Leather goods

    These live events are where I am personally present. They are interactive, energetic and address the artistic rendition to a large audience. They are continuously in sync with a brief from the host of the event.

    Calligraphy & illustration on Leather goods: Personalisation ideas, for any leather accessory, shared in the gallery. Service available on request.